Interior Work and Demo

Interior Demolition Services in New Orleans

Ovella Enterprises has the most reliable interior team in the area. When you are in need of a reliable contractor, you want to hire Ovella Enterprises because not only are they the most reliable, but they are also the contractors that are going to provide you with the highest quality service and support. Our contractors are the best in the business and are all fully licensed, bonded, and insured as well as highly experienced.

The difference between a good job and a bad one is very clear. We do not try to cut corners or rush through our work. We can certainly handle tight timelines, but we are careful to never let the quality of our work suffer as a result. When an interior demo site is properly cleared out there should be no indication that anything had been there to begin with. Our complete interior demo services leave you with a completely empty interior, free of columns, exposed pipes, wires, or anything else that you need to be removed. No work you receive from Ovella Enterprises will ever be rushed or incomplete.

How We Can Help!

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured service contractor in New Orleans, Louisiana. We offer a wide range of services, which include:

  • Partial Structural Demo
  • Residential Structural Demo
  • House Demo
  • And More Interior Demo Services!

Ovella Enterprises offers a wide array of interior demo services in the New Orleans area. We are the premier interior contractors because of our excellent workmanship and timely delivery. Picking Ovella Enterprises for interior services is the most intelligent choice you can make.

Partial Structural Demo

Partial structural demo is a process of taking apart and removing part of a building while maintaining the structural integrity of the building. What’s demolished depends on the job, and could include walls, pipes, fittings, partitions, finishes, equipment, furniture, columns, and more. Many interior jobs require advanced machinery to complete.

Residential Structural Demo

Ovella Enterprises is proud to offer residential structural demo and debris removal services for home renovation and construction projects. Whether you need a complete home cleanup or just a few rooms tidied up, count on our team to deliver professional-grade services for all your home improvement needs.

House Demo

When you hire our house demo team, we will take care of all the labor, demo, debris removal, and recycling for your commercial project. From removing drywall and old office furniture to general cleanup services, our team will cover all the physical labor needed for a successful house demo. We come prepared with an experienced crew, and all the tools necessary to get the job done right. We cut, break up, and remove every part of the interior that you need, and we can handle jobs of any size in the New Orleans area.

Give us a call today at 504-982-3323 to schedule your free service quote on all interior services. Our contractors will visit your property to discuss your options for your interior demo services. We’re here to help, so call us to learn more about our services today.