Demolishing a home might sound like a straightforward process, but there are more steps than swinging a hammer or pushing a button. With these 5 steps, you will have the insight required to complete your home demolition project.

1. Determine which demolition method is right for you

Based on your needs, you have two options:

Mechanical demolition- Faster/More Efficient and cheaper
Deconstruction “demolition by hand”- Takes longer and is more expensive but can reuse most building materials*

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, deconstruction projects can recycle or reuse more than 70% of building materials, such as lumber, beams, doors, windows and more.

2. Get the necessary permits

The exact permit(s) necessary will depend on your local and state laws and regulations. Your city or county government may also have rules for house demolition related to:

  • notifications
  • noise
  • hours of demolition
  • disposal of the debris, etc.

The demolition company you hire should be well informed about local regulations and will pull the permits on your behalf in most cases.

3. Disconnect existing services

Electricity and gas pose a particularly dangerous health risk if still active when demolition takes place.

Surrounding supply sources can also be damaged if services have not been properly terminated. Neighboring homes can be at risk of losing services, and local power, gas, water, or drainage infrastructure can be affected, too.

4. Ensure that the area is safe for others

Make arrangements for salvageable materials
If you have any salvageable materials in the home, work with your contractor to recover recyclable or reusable materials that can be resold or donated.

5. Make arrangements for removing all debris

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