In need of demolition for your residential or commercial building / property? Before you grab that sledgehammer or rent the excavator, you probably need a demolition permit.

What’s the Point of Demolition Permits?

What’s the big deal with these demolition permits anyway?

The first thing to know is they are there for your safety. Demolition is risky business. If not planned and conducted properly, it can pose serious safety hazards. This goes for you, the demolishing party, and the surrounding neighborhood too. It’s not an activity you’d want to jump into without a safety buffer in place. That’s where the permit enters the picture, providing a sort of ‘safety insurance.’ Getting a permit involves an inspection of your site and demolition plan, ensuring everything aligns with safety codes.

It will look something like this:

demolition permit sample

Another key purpose is to prevent illegal activities and protect urban landscapes. If a building holds historical, architectural, or cultural value, you can bet there’ll be some level of protection in place. Demolition permits act as guardians of these structures, limiting when and how a structure can be taken down to safeguard community aesthetics and heritage.

Finally, it’s all about responsibility and regulation. It’s not just the demolition itself – it’s also about what happens afterward. Soil erosion, waste management, and traffic control are some issues you may not initially consider when planning a teardown. But you’d want to respect these aspects. The demolition permit process takes these and other environmental impacts into account.

The demolition permit plays a crucial part in ensuring safety, preserving value, and maintaining responsibility during and after demolition. Remember, all these factors will significantly influence whether a permit is required for your specific project.

Demolition Permits in New Orleans

In New Orleans, you’re required to have a permit if you want to demolish a building, even if your game plan involves rebuilding on that same piece of property. If your property’s been deemed an “imminent danger of collapse” or a “public health nuisance,” you’re duty-bound to demolish it in quick time. Most commonly these cases pop up after a major fire has gutted the structure.

The City ensures the presence of a building inspector to confirm the imminent danger. They don’t go alone though — they’re accompanied by an inspector from the historic district. Their combined evaluation determines whether or not your structure poses an imminent threat.

If your property is free from imminent threats, and you’ve got all your required documents in order. You’re just a well-conducted review process away from securing your permit.

Demolition Permit Fees

Demolition permit fees do cost money. In New Orleans, they’re $95, but there’s more to it than just those figures. For every $1000 in demolition costs parked on your ordinance, there’s an additional $5 fee. You’re not only paying for that old building to come down, you’re also covering the costs associated with ensuring the project’s environmentally friendly execution and public safety.

A demolition project requires meticulous oversight. For properties situated within a historical district, a Certificate of Appropriateness is required – a permit aimed at preserving architectural sanctity. If you come across this requirement, gear up for a 50% surcharge added to the permit fee. It’s the city’s way of motivating property owners to restore rather than demolish historically significant structures.

Here’s a rundown:

Base demolition permit fee$95
Additional fee per $1000 demolition cost$5
Certificate of Appropriateness surcharge50% of permit fee
City Council review (residential)$250
City Council review (multi-family/commercial)$500

High stakes environmental and safety regulations, historical preservation concerns and potential City Council reviews make for a complex and not so cheap demolition process. Remember, navigating the demolition permit landscape is just as important as the actual building teardown. It’s a crucial part of the project’s planning and budgeting process. But with a well-laid-out plan and some foresight, you’ll be on your way to a successful demolition project.

Work with an Expert New Orleans Demolition Contractor

Understanding demolition permits is a good start – but it’s a lot to take in. That’s why working with an expert demolition contractor in New Orleans can be a game changer. Ovella Enterprises is here to help you navigate the process, budget for all those hidden costs, ensure your project is a success, and demo your structure. Don’t go it alone. Get the right help and make your demolition project a breeze.

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